Buying Jeans on-line


Cheap Jeans online: to buy or not to buy?

Should a guy or a girl like yourself buy Jeans trousers or black denim jackets online from an internet web shop, by just looking at a photo gallery with pictures of jeans models? There are a number of arguments that can be used in favor or against buying your next piece of clothing online, even when it's at discount prices from a reputable web shop like jeans express or the famous trade / auction web sites like ebay.

On this page you will find some more pointers about what to look (out) for when ordering indigo jeans online from the internet. Not only should you worry about that fit of unknown brands of jeans and about the internet jeans shop itself, but there are a few more things to think about before you purchase a pair of brand name jeans through a store on the web.

This story is growing while we continue to add arguments for and against buying clothes online.

Brand name / Designer jeans:

There is an economical law that dictates: The bigger a jeans brand or the more famous the name of a jeans designer becomes, the more jeans their company will sell and the more jeans models they will have for sale. Seven jeans and True religion jeans are recent examples of this.

There's another law that stipulates that at the certain point one is supposed to maximize one's profits made from selling jeans, jackets and boots. This is the point where most jeans experts will decide to take the production of there designer jeans and other fashion away from the USA and UK and on to low wage countries, while keeping their design centers in trendy fashion locations like NYC (New York, USA), London (UK), Paris (France) and Tokyo (Japan).

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with having hi quality women's jeans made in cheap labor countries, (how could we disagree with something that gives us our daily bread?) consumers should realize that there are many factors that will make a famous jeans brand, like for instance 7 jeans, decide where it will have their jeans for women made. Made in the USA may sound good when you buy a pair of kids jeans, especially when you buy these boys or girls jeans online, but when the shareholders in a jeans company start make demands, it all comes down to how much profit the jeans outlets can make and what kind of percentage of the sales should come from internet sales. Following trends is not limited to the head designers and their clothing line, but just as present in the financial managing of a jeans wear business.

Commercial jeans designers can't be dependant on a single supplier or even rely on several cheap suppliers in a single country. They need to spread their risks and have their fashion jeans for men and women produced in at three to seven different countries or territories. Several medium sized jeans companies have experienced a major setback after the tsunami hit several garment producing areas in four different countries. If famous brands like Levi's, Diesel, Replay, seven for mankind Jeans, true religion or Miss Sixty would have had their latest jeans fashion designs made in only one of these countries, their online, as well as their regular jeans trousers business would have been crippled for months and they could have lost an entire season and possibly as much as two season worth of vintage denim collections, no matter how big their jeans warehouses or jeans depots are. Repairing the damage that could have been caused to their business reputation and retail and outlet sales would have caused a significant loss of their share of the jeans retail stores sales.

To be continued...