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Other nice places to visit next:

Satellite Television in ThailandSatellite TV or Cable TV around Bangkok? Excellent site about experiences with satellite television in Bangkok.

driving in BangkokDriving & drivers license information. For all the crazy people that enjoy risking their lives: drive a car around bangkok for a while.

Peaceful Beach resort on a quiet beach on Koh ChangPeaceful Beach resort in the Gulf of Thailand For a peaceful and safe beach holiday in the crystal clear seas of eastern Thailand.

vegetarian thai cookingThai vegetarian cuisine Wonderful vegetarian recipes for vegetarians, vegan and non-vegetarians that love Thai food.(well done in September 2005)

Thai Classical DanceThe information portal to Thai information Still expanding every day.. .

Denim Mini SkirtJeans wholesale buy here Small site about fashion manufacturing in a relatively small jeans factory in Bangkok and how to buy there.

Teak ThronesThai furniture How to maintain your reclaimed teak wood furniture and where you can buy a dining set for indoors or outdoors.

  This site is listed on https://www.information.in.th