Tight Jeans and sexy shorts: Good or Bad?

Tight JeansLow rise Jeans & other sexy pant styles

Tight Jeans have been a hot item for many years, especially in combination with the low, or even no-, waistband. This fashion status made this clothing item one of the best selling apparel products, right after the standard 5 pocket jean pant.

Many people still seem to think that tight jeans are some sort of fetish jeans. They need to realize that what is considered to be a sexy jeans in Brazil, could very well be seen as a fetish jean in some rather puritan countries like, for instance, China. Even though a lot of the sexy fashion jeans originate from that same country, a low waist pant with a 2 inch zipper will never be worn by regular chinese people. "Why would anyone want to show so much skin or, even worse: tattoo's?", is a sentence we hear a lot in the chinese communities here in Thailand.

On the street we notice a different mentality. Whereas most of the western kids and teenagers now seem to prefer denim pant styles that cover more of their bodies, here we see that some jeans factories are now producing very low waist tight jeans in combination with matching sexy denim tops, bustiers or even denim bras. These denim garments are not unlike what is considered to be club wear at most of the european parties and in the european clubs. However, that type of denim lingerie hasn't really been accepted in Bangkok's club scene, but revealing mini-skirts, other tight denim stretch skirts and also tight fitting pants and shorts seem to be making yet another return.

The dangers of wearing tight jeans or shorts

wet jeans girl

We have all heard the stories from back in the 1970's, when teenage girls, especially in the USA, would buy their jeans so tight that they'd hardly fit in them to begin with and how they would then soak in a bath tub took make certain that their wet jeans would dry up to look like, and certainly feel like, nothing short of a second skin. Today's skinny jeans have a much more comfortable fit and feel, but the principles are pretty much the same as they were with the wet tight jeans back in the old days.

Most people will remember that these wet jeans or dried up jeans had to be surgically removed on more than one occasion, but in current times the number of wet jeans removals in emergency rooms of hospitals have, fortunately, decreased a lot.

However, tight hip-hugging, thong showing jeans, as worn by the likes of Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton and Madonna, have also been the subject of a more recent health warning.

Low waist jeans girlA few years ago the Canadian Medical Association Journal received a letter detailing the cases of three women who had developed a nerve condition similar to carpal tunnel syndrome as a result of regularly wearing too tight pants.

This Canadian doctor warned that too tight trousers can squeeze a sensory nerve under the hip bone, causing a tingling, burning sensation called paresthesia. In a statement unlikely to endear himself to fashion-conscious females, he said "low-rise" trousers were not suitable for "heavy women" and suggested that women return to wearing traditional high-waisted jeans or preferably loose dresses...

But it's not only the women that need education. Men, especially the ones that are considering fatherhood, will have to limit their wearing of tight fashion as well. That's because wearing tight pants can cause infertility and damage to the testicles. In the 16th century, Russian peasants actually used bearskin pants as a method of birth control.

Global diversity on tight jeans

perfect fit JeansClearly, every person has a different build and body shape. Even within every race you will usually find 5 or 6 separable body styles. For the production of fashionable thight Jeans, the jeans manufacturers are therefore heavily dependant on their customers to provide the size specs / measurements. Big bottom jeansWith people migrating all over the world, it is no longer possible to just talk about, for example, western european size spec's or Asian size spec.' s. Just sending pictures of tight jeans or pics of women wearing tight jeans is, of course, rather useless to begin with, even though it is sometimes possible to match a sample to pictures or other images of non-tight jeans, like standard 5 pocket or carpenter jeans.

Today's fashion retailers and / or wholesalers need to choose a rather narrow target market before they do anything else. Just the few centimeters difference in hip or upper leg measurements between and the very small Thai girls and average Russian women, could cause a very uncomfortable fit of the tight jeans for the Russian women leading to all sort of problems and possible frustrations.